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PowerLaw Presentations, LLC is a company that knows impact, value and efficiency. Formed as a subsidiary of the nationally known FrontRunner Group, PowerLaw Presentations is a strong and diverse company. Covering such areas as courtroom presentation,  (certified) videography for depositions, wills and settlement documentaries right through to converting your paper documentation to disc, PowerLaw is the number one solution for legal support services in Florida.

Cases are often won, lost or settled primarily from the emotions evoked. To best generate the sentiments you want, all the components involved have to come together seamlessly while staying within the laws dictated by the courts and Trier of Fact. For this very reason, personnel from PowerLaw Presentations have become CERTIFIED for delivering legal video. This has tremendous bearing when PowerLaw has been retained by you to be a valuable member of your litigating team. It also means we have a full understanding of what’s required when creating and submitting a video deposition as an unbiased third party. Our loyalty to our clientele is beyond reproach. When retained by your firm, we at PowerLaw have a complete understanding of unquestionable professionalism. When the services requested places our company in a position to interact with your client, any impression left will be one which will only reflect your firm in the highest regard. Beyond that, our uncompromising policy is to be as inconspicuous and discreet as possible, blending into the background and working with total confidentiality.

We want your business. That means we need to assist you in providing the impact necessary to win. No mistakes. No bad judgments.  Professional, discreet and consistent; That’s what you want – and that’s what PowerLaw Presentations delivers.    Contact us today.

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